Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Are you the one for me?
After all these years I’ve been waiting for you..
Are you the one that I’m looking for?
or just another memories to keep?
You make me smile
You make me laugh
You make me think further about our future together
But sometimes you do make me cry
Why is that?
If I choose to stay in this relationship,
should I keep crying?
No, you didn’t hurt me in any way
It was just this feeling inside
I refuse to open the door for you
Or maybe you can’t let go of your past?
I can’t compete with them..
I am nothing when compare to them..
Not even close..

Should I give up?
Should I just give my heart to you and see how it goes?
You are just too good to be true..
For me, you are perfect in every way..
You love me just the way I am..
I have been waiting for so long to hear someone like you
saying I LOVE YOU too many times to me
It wasn’t bored at all
It was quite fascinating
New experiences..new memories..new person..

Maybe you are the one for me..
Maybe you are the one that I’m waiting for..
Just maybe..
Our future is still unwritten..
But I would love to write it together with you..
You make me happy in so many ways..
Why should I keep out?
I know I should take the risk
I know I should be happy with someone that actually can make me happy..
I have to be strong if I want to stay
It has ups and downs..
But can I face it together with you?

There is no more maybe..
That’s it!
You’re the one that I want
This time I am being selfish..
I want you by my side all the time
You already stole my heart
So can you keep it safe?
Please don’t break me..
This time let’s do it right..
You & Me..
Face the future together..
Making memories..
Until our last breath..
Because it is you
My only hope..

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